Weekly Dance Lessons


Whether you are a just starting to learn salsa dancing or have had dance lessons before, our classes will cater to your level and help you become a better dancer. You will learn elements that you can use right away in a social dance setting as well as more advanced patterns and combinations.

La Fogata Lesson 2

Instructor: Stacy Coil

Michael’s Goody Boy Diner

1144 N High St

Columbus, OH 43201




Day Fridays
Time 8-10pm
Dances Salsa Merengue & Bachata
Pricing $10 (includes admission to the open dancing afterwards)


The Friday Night Salsa Experience

The dance lesson is structured in 2-3 parts dedicated to several dances. Since each night is unique and a memorable experience, the instructor will adjust the lesson to the number of people present as well as the students’ desires. However, on a typical Friday night, salsa, merengue and bachata are taught. Each segment begins with the basic step and builds additional elements upon that foundation. Some elements that you may learn during the lesson are: basic step, right and left turns, cross-body leads as well as more complex turn patterns and styling elements to beautify your dance.

Many first-time students have a lot of questions about attire, etiquette,  flow of the lesson etc. Here are some tips and pointers that can help you  make your dancing more enjoyable and comfortable.

1. Wear elegant attire that minimizes the risk of “wardrobe malfunctions”. Many clothing items look great when standing still, but may not be practical when dancing.

2. Avoid shoes with rubber soles such as sneakers or others with a high degree of traction. Such soles are designed to have a strong grip on the floor and can make turning and spinning a very difficult task. Likewise, flip flops and other footwear that does not offer good support may not be a great choice for the action-packed salsa dance floor.

3. Dance shoes are great if you have them, but not required.

4. If you have a partner and desire to dance with him/her for the entire time, please let the instructor know ahead of the lesson. Otherwise, keep in mind that you will be changing dance partners throughout the lesson. Be polite, introduce yourself and always thank each partner after each dance or practice session.

5. For the Friday night dance lessons most students choose to stay for the open dancing afterwards. Feel free to invite others to dance and accept/decline dance invitations yourself. Keep in mind, just because someone asks you to dance, it does not mean you have to accept. You need only politely decline or (if you are taking a break) let the person know you would be happy to dance a bit later during the night.

6. Be yourself, be happy, and have a blast!